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Alphamin is a pioneering tin exploration and mining business with the vision to be respected in the international tin mining sector, unleashing the full profit and potential of its world-class tin asset in North Kivu, DRC. Alphamin has the vision to become a premier tin producer:

  • Leading a world-class, profitable mining company in North Kivu, delivering results for the benefit of all stakeholders and viewed with respect by the communities and Government.
  • A profitable tin producer, while continuing with exploration to increase life of mine.
  • A profitable tin mine operating in a safe environment and uplifting the local community.
  • Developing the first, low-cost per tonne tin, commercial mine in North Kivu, while making a marked, positive impact on the communities surrounding the mine.
  • Tin mining company that excels at the production of tin and providing leadership for the region in terms of safety, health, environment and community development.
  • A highly profitable and responsible operator of the Bisie mine.
  • Deliver on the commitment to develop a first and large, commercial tin mine in that part of the country, giving Alphamin credibility locally and abroad – becoming a business transformation reference in the tin mining industry.
  • A low-cost tin producer creating value for both shareholders and the community.

Who is Alphamin?

A high profit-potential, well-funded international tin mining business.
Owner-developer of one of the world’s richest tin deposits.
Catalyst for political and economic stability in the North Kivu region of the DRC.
Mining business with the required expertise and resolve to succeed.

What are the business objectives of Alphamin?

Alphamin Bisie Mining (ABM) SA

  • Alphamin owns 80.75% of ABM, the in-country operating unit.
  • The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) holds 14.25%.
  • The Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (GDRC) has a non-dilutive, 5% share in ABM.

Senior Geologists, Afi Falanka and Desire Masina, logging at the core yard

A group of Geologists, Jamie Anderson, Masud Kiyombe, Afi Falanka, Jonathan Ombeni and Germain Kayembwa logging and discussing recent core samples

Why does Alphamin exist?

  • Commercial success and adding shareholder value from tin mining in North Kivu.
  • Meeting the increasing demand for tin.
  • Becoming a respected international tin player.
  • Bringing prosperity and stability to a beleaguered responsible region.
  • Alphamin will be a respected provider of quality responsibly produced tin.

What does Alphamin do?

  • International tin exploration and mining business.
  • Alphamin will mine and market tin with its rich quality North Kivu tin mine as the prime asset, producing more than 9 000 tonnes of tin annually.
  • Adds value to the people of the DRC through its economic and social contributions.

Slemeani Akole and Jeanpaul Zainda at work on the face in the Return Airway Drive


How does Alphamin operate?

  • Alphamin has strong leadership that has established an astute corporate structure, practices and governance.
  • Uncompromised living of the corporate values.
  • Leveraging the success of its tin mine to the benefit of, and providing good returns for all stakeholders.
  • Sustainable, good corporate citizen that adds value beyond its own bottom-line.
  • Alphamin operates a responsibly produced tin operation in the North Kivu region in DRC.

Where is Alphamin relevant?

  • Exploration and mining of responsibly produced tin.
  • Supply of tin products.
  • Mining transport and logistics.
  • Tin trading and marketing.
  • DRC community involvement.

ABM Community Development team posing with the Alphamin banner, prior to the Independence Celebrations that took place on 30 June

George Petterson briefing Professor Doctor Anselme Kitakya (Provincial Minister of Mines) on the planned plant layout

Ownership and business support

  • Alphamin is a listed company on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada.
  • Alphamin has a supportive, international anchor shareholder, Denham Capital (www.denhamcapital.com), with significant resources at its disposal. Denham Capital, through its African mining-focused subsidiary, Tremont Master Holdings Limited, holds 44% of Alphamin. Denham’s investment professionals apply deep operational and industry experience and work in partnership with management teams to achieve long-term investment objectives.

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